Alluvial Farms LLC

Katie Pencke & Matthew McDermott
6825 Goodwin Road
Everson, 98247 WA
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Contact us to arrange a farm visit. Farmers Markets: Bellingham, Circle-F Meats Farmstand
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Alluvial Farms produces high quality, pastured pork for Pacific Northwest communities. We provide USDA cuts direct to the eater and for wholesale, and custom pork shares delivered to your doorstep in Seattle and Bellingham. Ecological stewardship and growing resilient food sheds is at the root of Alluvial production. 

Farm practices: In 2017, Alluvial Farms raised 50 pastured pigs on a lease at Circle F Farm just outside of Bellingham, and plans to do the same in 2018 at our own new farm site in Everson, WA. We source piglets from local breeders who meet a high standard of humane animal handling, provide high quality feed, and who raise heritage breed pigs. The breeders work with Hereford, Duroc, Hampshire, Tamworth and Berkshire crosses. Nutrition: Pigs are great foragers, and help pig farmers by rooting up their pastures to prepare them for the grain crops which follow. In addition to forage from organic pastures, Alluvial Farms feeds our pigs the highest quality organic grains. Grown primarily on Pacific Northwest farms, including our own, certified GMO free, and corn and soy free, this ration contains primarily yellow field peas, barley and wheat. Pigs are also fed Jersey cream milk from Twin Brook Creamery. Pastures are managed organically, and rotated regularly. Lifestyle: Animals have constant access to fresh air, water, food and space to stretch their little pig legs. As part of our rotational grazing practice we move the pigs to fresh pasture regularly. This is best for soil health and ensures pigs always have access to fresh grass. Half acre paddocks are large enough to encourage natural activities such as rooting, running, and socializing. When pigs are removed from a paddock they have added nutrients and begun the process of rototilling existing grass. We follow up with mechanized seed bed preparation and production of field peas and barley for feed. Alluvial pigs also have access to forest foraging during the warm summer months. Harvest practices: Alluvial Farms partners with Circle F Farm, the North Cascades Meat Producers Cooperative and a local butcher in Snohomish county for slaughtering and butchering services. Slaughter takes place on-farm. Animal Welfare Approved handling and end of life practices are observed. Farm access: Please let us know if you would like to arrange a family friendly farm visit at our new farm. We love to be outside with the animals and to share that experience with others. 


Product availability may vary due to weather and other conditions - contact farmers/producers to verify.

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