Blackjack Valley Farms

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Karen Marenbach-Olsen
7425 Sidney Road Southwest
Port Orchard, 98367 WA
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Open daily by appointment. Pease call or email.
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  • Farm Store/Farmstand,
  • Home Delivery,
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We are a small family farm located in Port Orchard. We produce Grade A raw cow's milk from our registered Guernsey & Holstein cows. The 'girls' are on pasture and get the best local grass, hay, and grain. We also raise pastured pigs, chickens, and USDA grass fed Angus Beef for excellent natural meat. Our ground beef is 3%-5% fat and available year-round. Fresh or frozen chicken is available April - October. Our chickens are raised in the sun and fresh grass and also enjoy the benefits of raw milk. Pastured pork available by the cut or side. Our happy hogs enjoy spacious quarters both in and outdoors and give us fabulous pork. No rBST, hormones or antibiotics are used. The new dairy calves get to stay on the cow for 60-90 days instead of living in a small pen. On the farm, we practice good stewardship of the land and our precious animals, ensuring everyone lives in harmony with another. Rotational grazing of the fields and natural fertilizers are used to promote good planning. Products are available at our farm store. In addition, our milk is sold at the Tacoma Food Co-op, Colello's Farm Stand, Abundantly Green's Farm Stand, and Hitchcock's. Find us on Facebook here. 

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