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Bright Ide Acres
Micha Ide
21018 Orville Rd E
Orting, 98360 WA
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Our passion is ethically raised meat. We believe animals should be raised outdoors, have access to chemical-free pastures or woodlots, enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and be fed high-quality non-GMO feed. At Bright Ide Acres we focus on ethically raised meat, including broiler chickens, eggs, heritage turkeys, lamb, and pork. Once you've tried meat from animals raised in such a way, you will have a hard time going back to anything else! Too often grocery store meat is bland, textureless, and contains unnatural ingredients, while the flavorless eggs have pale yolks that flatten in the pan. Fresh meat and eggs from animals that are raised outside on pasture in the sun, who forage and are allowed to engage in natural behaviors are more flavorful, robust, and nutritious.  

Farming practices: These days it is far too easy to purchase cheaply priced, bland meat in the grocery store without acknowledging the life that was sacrificed to get it there. At Bright Ide Acres we believe that we have a responsibility to our animals. Our animals spend the vast majority of their lives outside on pasture, enjoying the green grass, grubs, and other tasty tidbits. Any supplementary feed provided is non-GMO, corn, and soy-free, consisting of freshly milled grains from Washington State. The animals are rotated around the farm in a way that promotes soil fertility and reduces parasite activity. We never feed hormones, unnecessary antibiotics, or unnatural products to our animals. 


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Dairy & Eggs

Eggs, Chicken

Meat & Seafood


Product availability may vary due to weather and other conditions - contact farmers/producers to verify.

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