Chinook Farms

Eric Fritch
10890 Elliott Road
Snohomish, 98296 WA
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By appointment.
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  • Farm Store/Farmstand,
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We sell some of the finest grass-fed and finished beef by the package, quarter, half, or whole available anywhere. 

Chinook Farms sells beef year-round that is raised on an all-grass diet.  Our farm is in the beautiful Snohomish River Valley about 6 miles south of Snohomish.  We sell our beef by the quarter (split half), half, or whole.  Our herd is composed of mostly Angus with some Hereford and Limousin influence.  More information and an order form are available on our website.  If you would like to visit the farm, please call to schedule an appointment.  Find us on Facebook!

Farming Practices: Chinook Farms employs sustainable farming practices to limit external inputs and work in harmony with the natural environment.  Our cows are 100% grass-fed on organic pasture, and our pigs, chickens, turkeys, and goats are raised outdoors where they can root, scratch, forage, and frolic happily. We rotate our animal enclosures so that their activities and manure benefit the soil for future plantings. Our mission is to develop and maintain a healthy food system through sustainable farming practices that benefit the local ecosystem, community, and economy.


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Meat & Seafood


Product availability may vary due to weather and other conditions - contact farmers/producers to verify.

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