Parke Creek Farm

Bambi & Eric Miller
1981 Parke Creek Road
Ellensburg, 98926 WA
Phone Number:
Hours of Operation:
Tuesday-Friday 10 AM-5 PM during growing season, off-season by appointment and at the Kittitas County Farmers Market.
Types of payment accepted:
Where to Buy:
  • Farm Store/Farmstand,
  • Farmers Markets,
  • Online


Grass-fed lamb, wool and wool products. Vegetables, berries, herbs and cut flowers. Goat milk soap, free range eggs, honey. See Facebook for details.

Parke Creek farm is a small family farm, located in the beautiful Kittitas Valley. We raise a wonderful a wonderful flock of Columbia, Rambouillet and Targhee sheep. The Kittitas Valley is known for producing some of the best grass fed lamb. This is due to the soil, minerals and deep rooted grass species. Our sheep are rotationally grazed on our farm. Where they enjoy sunshine, green grass and the well known Ellensburg wind. Once a year, in early spring, the sheep are shorn. The fleeces are then skirted, and sorted. Some are kept for competitions, sold to handspinners, and at our local farmers market. The rest of processed into wool products and marketed both online and off the farm.

We also grow an assortment of produce and berries. Our sweet corn is the best! Our Nubian Dairy Goats, are milked by hand daily. Their milk is turned into wonderful goat milk soap. Our soap is available at the farm, online and at the Kittitas County Farmers Market.

Farm practices: We are a sustainable farm, combining good animal husbandry practices with growing crops and maintaining grazing areas. As stewards of the land, our priorities are to maintain a healthy balance between farming and nature. There are roost poles located in our fields, to encourage birds of prey to come and hunt. We have wonderful livestock guardian dogs that protect our farm from predators. Animals that feel safe, are less stressed and healthier in the long run.

We do not use any chemicals or synthetic fertilizers on our farm. Nor do we grow with seeds that are GMO. We apply well aged compost from our dairy goat and sheep barns to areas in our market garden that are lacking in the necessary components to grow healthy, vigorous crops. We use cover crops as weed suppression, and as additional soil boosters.



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Dairy & Eggs


Farm Products & Activities

Handcrafted Soaps
Pumpkin Patch
Yarn & Fiber

Herbs & Botanicals


Meat & Seafood


Native Plants, Nursery Stock, Flowers & Ornamentals

Fresh Cut Flowers


Corn, Sweet


Kittitas County Farmers Market

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