Bayview Boards

Chris Johnson
9775 Bayview Edison Road
Bow, 98232 WA
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9 AM - 5 PM, Daily
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  • Online
Producer Certifications:
Locally Milled, Wild Harvested


Bayview Boards is a custom saw mill that harvests their own trees to produce specialty products from plum, oak, maple, and other hardwoods. Bayview Boards specializes in milling 3-4 inch thick wood slabs that are used for fireplace mantles and coffee or dining room tables. Their wood is also available for use in other projects, such as cutting boards and wood signs, as well as outdoor projects such as decks and small club houses.

At the same location, the associated Graceland Tree Farm grows seedlings for replacement trees to re-forest. They use by-products of milling sustainably. The saw dust from the milling operation is used to enhance soil for the organic garden beds that grow vegetables to help feed themselves and Wwoofer volunteers that help with both the tree farm and saw mill. Much of the work on the tree farm, such as clearing areas for planting the seedling trees, is accomplished using manual techniques and basic tools.

Visitors to Bayview Boards and Graceland Tree Farm have the option to take tours through the woods of the tree farm, where they will find 30 varieties of trees, mostly evergreen, and ponds with tadpoles and frogs.

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Products Offered

Forest Products

Custom Milled Furniture
Custom Milling
Lumber, Framing
Lumber, Rough Sawn
Lumber, Specialty Milled
Mill Slabs

Product availability may vary due to weather and other conditions - contact farmers/producers to verify.

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