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Farmers Markets are a great place to buy local products directly from farmers.

Food purchased at a local Farmers Market comes with outstanding freshness, quality, flavor, and variety. You know exactly where your food comes from and how it was grown. Additionally, you support a sustainable regional food system that helps small family farms stay in business; protects land from development, and provides all of us with fresh, local food.

Farmers Market Finder

Use the Farmers Market Finder below to locate a farmers market nearby or explore new markets. FYI, while most markets are seasonal (May-late-October), others are open year-round, or offer special seasonal markets.  You can also find a list of farmers markets here.

Farmers Market Nutrition Assistance

EBT or "Electronic Benefits Transfer" is a debit card system for SNAP (also known as food stamps), that looks and acts like a regular bank debit card. There are two federal Farmers Market Nutrition Programs (FMNP) that provide locally grown fruits and vegetables: Women, Infants and Children (WIC) FMNP, and Senior FMNP. When using nutrition assistance benefits at a farmers market, it's a good idea to visit the market information booth to find out which vendors are accepting benefits.  You can find a list of farmers markets that accept WIC and Senior FMNP benefits on page 7 of the 2014 Farm Guide.

Farmers Market Tips & Resources

 - Learn how to stretch your farmers market dollars here.

 - Learn how to keep your farmers market produce fresh when you get home.

 - Sustainable Table offers comprehensive information about food and farming, ranging from introductory to in-depth; practical tips for buying and cooking with sustainable foods. Learning how to shop and how to cook are priceless when it comes to putting food on the table that is sustainable, affordable and easy to prepare.

 - Fresh Bucks: Extra buying power at Seattle farmers markets.

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