Salmon en Papillote


Preparing Salmon this way keeps the moisture in and helps absorb all the flavor. Salmon is a great source of protein and an important oil called Omega 3, necessary for our kids’ brain development.

3 ounces salmon fillet

¼ cup yellow onion, sliced thin

3 cloves garlic, sliced thin

2 tablespoon green onions, chopped

½ tablespoon butter

Salt, to taste

Parchment paper, 1’ x 1’ cut into heart shape


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 

  1. To cut parchment paper into a heart, start with a one-foot by one-foot square, fold in half, and cut out a half heart shape. 
  2. Open up the heart shaped parchment paper, arrange the onion and garlic on one half of the heart. 
  3. Place the fish fillet on top of onions and garlic, sprinkle salt and green onions on top of fish, then add butter. 
  4. Fold the top half of the heart over the fish, fold in edges to seal the fish inside the heart.
Serving Size:
Makes 3 ounces of salmon.
Seattle Tilth
Leika Suzumura