Superhero Salad


The idea here is to have all the colors and flavors packed into this salad. Try different foods for each color and see what the kids like most!  Children can participate in age-appropriate chopping, cutting and slicing. There are five major flavors that combine to satisfy:

Sweet:  fresh or dried fruit, or honey or other sweetener in dressing.
Salty: spinach and chard tend to be naturally a little salty, or salt in dressing.
Sour: green apple or pineapple, or vinegar, lime or lemon juice in dressing.
Bitter: important for digestion and can be found in the leafy greens.
Pungent: “having a sharply strong taste,” like red onion, ginger, chili peppers and wasabi. A little goes a long way, but can really round out a dish.

Green options:

1 head leafy lettuce

1 head romaine lettuce

1 bunch chard, spinach, kale, or mix of all of these

1 bunch baby greens

½ cup steamed broccoli

½ cup granny apple, match sticks or small slices

Red options:

½ cup cherry tomatoes, or sliced tomatoes

½ cup red bell peppers, sliced

½ cup red apple, match sticks or small slices

¼ cup dried cranberries

Orange options:

½ cup carrots, shredded

½ cup orange, pieces or wedges

Yellow options:

½ cup yellow bell peppers, sliced

½ cup yellow carrots, sliced or grated

½ cup pineapple chunks

Purple options:

½ cup shredded red cabbage

¼ cup purple onion, sliced thin

¼ cup raisins


Brown options:

½ cup cremini or button mushrooms


  1. Choose one ingredient from each color. Think about combining flavors and textures that will match well.
  2. Cut each item thoughtfully – for example, cut the leafy greens into small strips or rough chop to be the most comfortable to eat and absorb flavor and tenderize. Cut apples into match sticks or small slices to combine well and match textures.
  3. Toss all ingredients together.
  4. Add your choice of dressing right before serving.  Enjoy!
Serving Size:
Makes 6-8 servings.
Seattle Tilth
Leika Suzumura